With the ever-changing laws and regulations, AM Testing’s certified laboratory can help you keep your housewares compliant and minimize risk. Whether it is House décor, candles, kitchen utensils, cookware, furniture, or food contact items; we can help get those items into your customer’s homes knowing that they are safe for use.

Our home should be the safest place that we go to every day. AM Testing inspects and certifies all household utensils to ensure that items are safe around our homes. We even test those products you own for that “four-legged friend” in your household.

These products may require physical mechanical, chemical, flammability, and food contact testing. At our facility, we evaluate your product once it enters our doors and helps you along the path of compliance. We make sure the product you are selling meets established quality and safety standards and regulations.

Whether your product is always on the shelf or a specialty product that is released for just one season, we test them all. We understand the challenges faced by retailers when it comes to staying compliant. AM Testing offers a range of services to ensure we leave a good impression with our customers. So, keep your items safe and certified by having them tested here at AM Testing.


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  • Dishwasher Testing
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