Unique Products

AM Testing & Services specializes in working with customers to develop testing outside standardized evaluations, which demonstrate potential use conditions or general safety of consumer products. This may help identify areas of concern or areas where improvements can be suggested.

Testing which has been completed include extreme temperature cycles (0°F to 1,600°F), load to failure tests, heat build-up on use testing, and acid or base chemical exposures in a controlled environment.

If you are looking for ideas to meet particular types of evaluations, we may be able to help. Give us a call to discuss potential protocol development. All information is treated in a confidential manner, and results are shared only with our primary customer unless prior authorization is granted.

Examples of Speciality Testing:

  • How many washers will fit into my bucket? When will the handle break?
  • Will our candles burn longer?
  • Is that dirt okay to put on my lawn?
  • How hot will my lamp get?
  • Is my water safe to drink? Is my ice maker leaking any chemicals?
  • Will my glass really hold a pint?

And so much more is available for testing. Get in contact with us or call us at (708) 907-5252 to see if we can help you with your special testing needs.

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