Flammability Testing Services

We provide accredited third-party flammability testing services approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and specialize in both consumer and some industrial products. Our expert team follows CPSIA regulations to ensure your products are compliant with all regulatory safety requirements. We take the time to work closely with all our clients; we give them personalized attention and constantly provide updates throughout every step of the testing process. We test everything from toys, games, apparel, housewares, and many other unique products that require flammability testing.

With the flammability testing services we offer, you can ensure quality and safety in all your products. The testing procedures we perform will help ensure your products follow corresponding regulations in your country. Our professional lab experts perform an evaluation of your product to determine which tests need to be completed for it to comply with safety standards and regulations. We have a team of experts to help you get your product on the market, and they will ensure your product’s quality and safety. By following strict guidelines and regulations from the CPSC, we ensure accurate and safe flammability testing on all your products.

AT AM Testing and Services Inc., we’re your trusted, accredited third-party testing laboratory approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We take the time to walk our client’s through the various laws and regulations related to their products and country. We can manage your testing, provide guidance on how to correct a product if there are testing failures, and help you understand the many laws, regulations, and government requirements for various countries and states. We will quickly become your trusted partner and knowledge base for everything testing related. Contact us to learn more about our flammability testing services, and see all the ways we can help ensure your products are compliant and safe.

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