Physical & Mechanical Testing Services

As a CPSC certified 3rd-party testing laboratory, we offer physical and mechanical testing services according to CPSIA regulations to ensure your product complies with all current safety requirements. We provide thorough reporting and extensive knowledge to our clients on every physical and mechanical test we do, so you know how to improve your product, if needed. Our professional team continually strives to provide the best possible product testing experience.

Regulatory requirements for physical and mechanical product testing may vary by the product type you have, that’s why our lab experts do a full analysis on your product and update you every step of the way. What specific testing your product needs is dependent on multiple factors; we evaluate your products to determine the proper testing they need to be compliant, and then, we give you a quote. We work hard to fulfill your expectations with every physical and mechanical test we perform to ensure your product is compliant.

Testing physical and mechanical products can be complicated, so we take the time to work with each client to ensure their specific testing needs are met, and we explain every step of the process with them. Our laboratories specialize in physical and mechanical testing services and have many different testing capabilities available, so you can rest assured that your product will be tested by professionals. The extensive physical and mechanical testing we offer ensures your products meet all the standards and regulations you need to successfully sell your product.

AM Testing and Services is an accredited testing laboratory approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that provides many companies around the globe with testing services. We follow various standards, requirements, and regulations when testing our client’s products to ensure complete product compliance. Contact us to learn more about our physical and mechanical testing services, and see how we can help with your testing needs.

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